• Exquisite curves of the bikini babes

    New swimsuits have been launched after the shortage of fabric in the early bikinis. Also, the swimmer sales were endeavoured to resurrect. Although the newly launched bikinis still cover the wearer’s navel. It was named atom, signifying small but devastating. In the 1940s the bikini was way more attuned to propriety.



    The viewer’s put their physiques on the show while staring at the attractive girls in bikini. The credit for the beauty and popularity of the bikini goes to Monroe and Mansfield. Beauty contests were held, where women in bikinis compete against each other for popularity. The intention behind this beauty contests was just to sort out some innovative ways or ideas to promote their products.


    Ultimately it led to serious controversies because some of the competitors went through surgeries for lip augmentation. The beauty of the bikini also led to some serious road accidents, as the driver was busy in staring the Bikini babes.


    Bikini tan

    First of all, do you know what a bikini tan is? It is the tanning of skin part which is exposed to the sun while the little area under the bikini and bra is kept covered. So, it’s quite clear that while wearing a major bikini part of the body is exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, long exposure of which may cause serious skin ulcers or skin burns.


    Though it has been suggested by experts to utilise sunscreens for preventing such disorders, still the over penetration of the same may cause damage to the immune system.It is the fitness which gives them the perfect blend of femininity and sizzling.


    Bikini Babes Variants

    At the earlier days, the term bikini was used only for them who shown their navel in a swimsuit but today’s trend defines any two-piece swimsuit no matter the naval is visible or not is called a bikini. The wide variety of bikini comprise of the following:

    • String bikinis
    • Topless bikinis
    • Top-bottom connected bikinis
    • Camisole bikinis
    • Tie-sides bikinis
    • Granny-bikinis
    • Skirting bikinis

    The list goes on far away like this. Susan Rosen was the one to design the costliest bikini ever. Because of the exponentially growing demand, few manufacturers are assuring to get the bikini ready in just seventy minutes from placing an order. It’s great to know that bikini is the official uniform for volleyball played on the beach. More lists are ranked through internet for grabbing further knowledge for the same.


    Wonder why bikini girls be reason behind accidents?

    Often cases are filed against bikini girls of Sao Paulo. Girls are seen standing on roads with hoardings in hand waving towards passing cars. Along with this a funniest behaviour of bikini girls made the car driver loses control hence crashing their cars with others. A guy was seen informing his wife about wrecking the car while missing to hit a dog. Nothing worried all bikini girls. They were seen laughing and cracking jokes on these victims of car crashing.